Live the unique experience of an Airbus A320 simulator with breathtaking realism.

Total immersion

Experience the thrill of flying an airliner at the controls of our simulator.

Last generation

We are committed to providing you with a state-of-the-art experience.

Breathtaking realism

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, our Airbus A320 simulator offers breathtaking realism.

Unique experience

Choose your unique experience among the proposed Packs. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Professionnal pilots

Our fully operational A320 professional Simulator provides the highest standards. The LineUp team of qualified TRIs and TREs will help you achieve your goals :

  • SOPs systematics
  • Abnormal Operations management
  • Company recurrent training
  • Company assessment preparation

PRICES (instructor Included)

1 – 4   hours                   CHF 259.-
5 – 8   hours                   CHF 239.-
9 – 12 hours                   CHF 219.-

Leisure pilots Experience

Our State of the art Airbus A320 professional flight Simulator offers a heady experience. Have a seat and explore for a moment the exciting and entertaining world at the controls of an Airliner.

The Simulator is not mounted on jacks and thus, does not move. It enables you to experience total immersion of an A320 flight, just as if you were seated in an A320 aircraft.

Chose between our different PACKS on offer. For more informations or any special quiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our leisure packs

Discover Pack
CHF 159.00
Duration : 55 minutes (15 minutes of briefing, 40 minutes of flying)
Takeoff from New York, sightseeing over the Alps and land on an Island in the middle of the Caribbean. Tell us about your plans or let your instructor be your guide.
1 pilot + 2 supporters
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Experience Pack
CHF 229.00
Duration : 1h20 (20 minutes of briefing, 1 heure of flying)
Treat yourself to a unique and unusual experience. Try a visual approach over the sea or land in a thick fog in Paris.
1 or 2 pilots + 2 supporters
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Friends Pack
CHF 345.00
Duration : 1h50 (20 minutes of briefing, 1.5 hour of flying)
Get together with friends. Which one of you will be the best pilot and master the 70 tons of an Airbus aircrafts. Experience it with your friends or family members.
1 – 3 pilots
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