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Latest generation Airbus A320 simulator for professional and leisure pilots.

Aeronautics at the service of medical personnel: aviation training in the medical field.

Sustainable aviation is on the move: we train on the techniques that enable environmentally friendly aviation.

Come and take our course and plan your next trip with peace of mind.


A professional Airbus A320 simulator in the heart of the Jura.

For professional pilots

Our fully operational A320 professional simulator offers the highest standards. The LineUp team of qualified IRT and ERT will help you achieve your goals.

For recreational pilots

Our latest generation Airbus A320 simulator offers a unique experience and as you sit at the controls, you will experience the exciting world of flying an airliner.

The Airbus A320 and it's specifications.


The Airbus A320 has a total length of 37 meters, which is equivalent to half a soccer field.


The total wingspan of the Airbus A320 is about 34 meters. The wingspan is the total length between the two wings of the aircraft.

No-load mass

Without passengers and without fuel, the Airbus A320 weighs 42.4 tons. It can reach a maximum weight of 77 tons at takeoff.


Thanks to its nearly 30,000 liters of kerosene, the range of the Airbus A320 is nearly 5,700 kilometers.

Our vision

Whether you are a professional pilot or a leisure pilot who wants to experience the thrill of flying, our offer is adapted to your needs.

To learn more, discover our different packages as well as our rates for our Airbus A320 simulator.

Our advantages :

A team of professional Airbus instructors.

A latest generation simulator with the latest technology.

Maximum realism and real-life flight conditions.

A one-day course specially designed to overcome the fear of flying.

LineUp Medical and LineUp Eco for learning aviation techniques.